How a Responsive Logo Improves Your Brand

What does Responsive Design Mean?

Responsive means that the design adapts to its circumstances. For many years now, websites have been built responsively, so that they flow, adapt and change sizes and layouts based on the screen size they are viewed on. For example, you can see here how the website I designed fits differently depending on the device it’s viewed on:

How Does a Logo Become Responsive?

There are so many different applications for logos. They could be printed, shown on a screen or embroidered, and they need to feel consistent across all applications.

For example, when there is space the full Alovia Accessories logo is used, however, under certain circumstances, the logo needs to be simplified while still maintaining the brand. In the case of a one colour embroidery with limited space, the logo is shown in dark grey without the word “Accessories”, and when space is very limited, only the identifier of the heart in the circle is used. Although the applications are different, it’s still clear that these products belong to the same brand because the logo was designed responsively and adapts to all applications.

Responsive logo design shown in print and embroidery

How a Responsive Logo Improves Your Brand

A logo with various formats and layouts will definitely improve your brand. Since the logo was designed with responsive design in mind from the beginning, there will be a feel of consistency throughout all pieces the logo is used on.

Also, this suite of logos will save you time since you can easily and quickly put your logo on any type of material without the need to go back to the drawing board and spend more time and resources redesigning the logo. Be sure to think through all of the applications that may be needed for your marketing, products and services, and remember to keep an overall vision of a consistent brand! Communication is key, so be sure to discuss thoroughly with your designer.