One Simple Way to Create Consistency in Your Brand Identity

Consistency is key when it comes to your brand identity, and a simple way to create it is to use a pattern or textured background. A pattern could be a graphic item, like an illustration or icon that repeats, and a textured background could be watercolour paint or wood grain background. 

These backgrounds are the supporting cast to the star of your show, which is the content. They are subtle and repeating, and over time, the customer gets to know them, which means without even reading the text, they instantly know it is your brand and your message.

Here are three ways to use a pattern or background in your visual identity:

1. Background in Instagram Stories

This is an efficient way to tie your brand identity into your instagram stories. Just save out your background at the proper dimensions, keep it on your phone, and in a flash, you add some text and you’ve got a branded, recognizable story for your followers!

Pattern is used as a background for Lee-Ann’s Instagram Story

2. The Backside of your Business Cards

There’s something so modern and fresh about dedicating the backside of a business card to pattern. It feels pulled together and on brand – especially when the front side is using the same colours.

Repeating pattern on back side of business card for Alovia Accessories

3. In Packaging

Do you sell any physical products? If so, then adding a pattern repeat to your packaging will add a professional look to your product while increasing your brand awareness.

Repeating pattern in two colour variations for Wild Daisies product packaging

Do you need a pattern or background for your brand? If so, check out these pre-made patterns, or get in touch if you would like a custom one made!