With over 13 years of experience as a Graphic and Web Designer, my background includes working in creative agencies in Ontario and Alberta, in-house corporate design, and freelancing.


After graduating from Graphic Design in 2005, I landed my first graphic design gig as a production artist in London, Ontario. In that position I was able to learn the detail work of repairing film on drafting boards, prepping art for dies, and even designing the roll-up-the-rim to win for Timmy’s! Although I enjoyed the hands-on approach to design work, I decided to return to college for another year to further my web and video skills. The additional diploma in Multi-Media Design & Production led me to attain an incredibly versatile position in Sarnia, Ontario at a media agency. In that role I worked on everything from logo design, print design, and web design to animation, 3D modelling and special effects and editing for video.

When I moved to Alberta in 2008 I worked in another media agency and was able to continue using my expanded skill set. Once I returned to Sarnia I decided to focus on website design and attained a position as a Website Designer for an educational institution. During my current role, I have not only designed a 4000 page responsive website from the ground-up as the sole web designer, but have also learned many communication, analytical, technical, data analysis and leadership skills.

I’ve been in the industry for well over a decade and I still love to learn and am passionate about design. I love the endless opportunities for creativity and problem solving!


  • MultiMedia Design and Production Diploma | Fanshawe College | 2005–2006
  • Graphic Design Advanced Diploma | Fanshawe College | 2002–2005

Courses & Conferences

  • Information Architecture | Akendi | 2018
  • Design Thinkers | RGD | 2017
  • Google Tag Manager | Cardinal Path | 2017
  • SEO for Higher Ed | Higher Ed Experts | 2017
  • Support Staff Leadership | Lambton College | 2016
  • Google Analytics | Cardinal Path | 2015
  • English, Statistics and Philosophy Courses | Athabasca University | 2012
  • DSLR Photography | Lambton College | 2010