Website Design

As the Lambton College Website Designer, I have designed everything from the overall page structure down to the smallest details, while working closely with programmers and marketing coordinators to ensure content is displayed in a visually meaningful way. Our small, in-house team redesigned and rebuilt the 4000 page website be fully responsive and accessible. I have a passion for user interface design and user experience design, which has led me to develop skills in analyzing data through Google Analytics.

Recently a new brand was launched, so the website has been updated to reflect this new, modern brand. Take a look at

Logo Design

This logo for the Salon & Spa was designed in 2018 to complement the new college logo. It features the Lambton College brand through colour palette and fonts, while also showcasing its distinct personality. The double “S” in the circle identifier not only stands for “Salon” and “Spa”, but it also mimics water, which symbolizes renewal and calm, an important value of the service.


I have also designed print pieces throughout the years. Some of which are under the previous branding, but still project a professional and consistent visual look.

Post Card
Double-sided Info Sheet

Advertising Campaigns

Lambton Colleges advertises campaigns in a variety of different online places, such as news sites,¬† facebook, email banners and many more, so it’s imperative that all pieces look consistent and connect with the landing page. This is a series of ads designed for a “Choose Lambton” campaign. Each ad connects visually with the web page, which I also designed.



This video was created for the grand opening of a campus building. My role was to edit, animate and export the video for various formats.


Another part of my role at Lambton College is providing Creative Direction for recruitment videos. My role is to offer creative input in storyboarding, and to offer suggestions for video angles, props, backgrounds, and consistencies while on set.